Meet the Team

Pat Mooney
Founder / Creative Director

Pat Mooney (he/him) is a writer and game designer with ten years of professional experience across mobile, web, and tabletop games. Interested in storytelling systems of all shapes and sizes, many of his projects take a playful approach to learning and exploration. His historical work focuses on the Atlantic Revolutions and Celtic Mythology.

Collyn Messier
Director of Rules Development

Collyn Messier (they/them) has been playing RPG’s since they were 4 years old, which is coincidentally how their parents met. As a child they developed a love of history while volunteering at Plimoth Patuxet. Collyn has worked an odd variety of jobs, from side show performer to neuroscientist. Most of their games are imbued with a narrative focus, balanced by an open world approach

Tristan Zimmerman
Content Lead / Cartographer

Tristan Zimmerman (he/him) is an Ennie-award-winning game designer. He’s best known for his TTRPG Shanty Hunters and for his Molten Sulfur Blog. His specialty is RPGs grounded in real-world history and folklore. Tristan is a U.S. Navy veteran and a big ol’ dweeb.

Adrienne Cohen
Art Director

Adrienne (she/her) is the art director for Nations & Cannons, a graphic & UI/UX designer, and an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Yes, she will be on your podcast. She is not allowed to buy more houseplants.

Saverio Cappetta
Event Coordinator


Chantelle Messier, Ph.D
Writer / Editor

Chantelle Messier (she/her) is a writer and educator with a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Connecticut. A “forever-GM” for two decades, she loves telling vivid, human stories by way of humor and the unexpected.

Sten Bjorn
Indigenous Advocacy Coordinator

Sten Bjorn (they/them) is a long time tabletop nerd and writer who began their professional career with Flagbearer Games. A Potawatomi native, amateur history buff, fencer, philosophy hobbyist and self proclaimed jack of all trades, Sten hopes to carve out a space for themselves in the tabletop writing world one draft at a time.

Diamond Jones Cary
Digital Marketing Lead

Diamond Jones Cary (she/her) is the digital marketing lead for N&C, crafting compelling online strategies and managing social media with finesse. Outside of the digital world, she’s a loving fiancée, dedicated pitbull mom, and MMA hobbyist. Ready to share marketing insights and connect, just don’t suggest adding more pitbulls to her pack – her fiancee says they are already at full capacity!

Mollie Brewsaugh
Educational Liaison

Mollie Brewsaugh (she/her) has a double master’s in Editing and publishing and Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati. She currently works for the international Academy of Cincinnati as a k12 social studies and music teacher. She spends most of her weekends pursuing her hobbies such as gaming and game design. She is mother to 3 excellent human beings, a beautiful golden dog and an ornery fluffy cat.



Keith Stratton
Game Designer

Keith Stratton (he/him) is a life long nerd and collector of anachronistic skills and items. Fortunately this all contributes to figuring out how to play pretend with many sided dice. Keith has been involved in reenactment and historical interpretation of the late 18th century for 15 years.

Paul Marchant
Game Designer

Paul (he/him) is a BIPOC, writer, creator, contributor and game designer, who has been in the TTRPG and LARP space for over the last 20 years. He has consulted and contributed to many projects across the many genres of the tabletop space as well as playtested Video and Tabletop games. He can be found working with other BIPOC Contributors at Apochromatic Unlimited. You can also find Paul on the Response Team Omnicron podcast.

Lin “Rascal” Taylor
Writer / Editor

Lin (Rascal on the internet, she/her) is a writer, editor, game designer, and book recommender by trade. She earned an MFA in creative writing in 2016 and now works based out of Massachusetts. When not at work she can be found reading, playing games, begging her houseplants not to die, buying new houseplants, and carefully choosing Pokemon nicknames.